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Instagram Engagement Explained - shteru - 02-10-2018

What it is and how it is calculated

There is another indicator that depicts the value of an important IG page, just like the number of followers (be careful, or you can be deceived!).

This is the “engagement.” It is nothing but the involvement of followers on a given IG page. The more comments, likes and interactions there are, the higher this index will be!

That said, not all pages deliver the same value in terms of engagement or followers.

And this is where you come in. An important skill that you will gain is to be able to differentiate an important page from one that is not.

An important factor to be taken into account whenever you are about to judge a page to assess its validity, as mentioned, is the engagement.

The engagement can be calculated by averaging the likes received on the last 10–12 IG posts (except the last one, understood as the most recent) divided by the total number of followers on the page.
Practical example:

  1. People like the last 10 posts (excluding the latest, then from 11th to 2nd) 
  2. Divide the result by 10
  3. Re-divide the number that comes up by the total number of followers of the page
Then if you multiply the number by a hundred, you will have the percentage of involvement of the followers of that particular page.

Strategy of Engagement

Are you wondering if there is a magical little formula to increase engagement? You may have read that there is no secret, and you need to comment, be active, and interact.

It’s all true, but we can’t devote our entire day to a social network, right?

We have to find a balance that allows us to increase engagement and decrease dramatically the time we need to devote to our account.

We start with a series of reflections. 
  • First Reflection: Where can we find people who in all probability would “like” our content? Simple. We find them in the list of likes put on content that is similar to our content. 
  • Second Reflection: At what point it is most likely that a person interested in our content can click “like”? When is that person online? 
  • Third Reflection: What tool do we have at our disposal to help us find people interested in content that’s similar to ours when it runs on their feed? Well, we have the “like!”
These three reflections not only allow us to focus on a group of smaller profiles than the totality of Instagram users, but do it when it matters the most.

On paper, it’s all simple and straightforward.

We need to find people who put a like on content that’s similar to ours because they are the ones most likely to put a like on our content as well. The search should be for those users who have the highest probability of being online at a particular time, so take the opportunity and get your IG branded with a like. When others see that happening, they will race to see what our profile offers.

Now you have the input. Try it and see what the results are!

Look around, look for other profiles that are in your niche, and follow a hundred. Also, stay up-to-date with any new content posted by those profiles.

Update your feed and take a look at the latest photos posted by your “following.”

Identify the photos posted in the last five to ten minutes by profiles that are similar to yours (that you have followed previously).

Click on the like received from the photo.

Here’s the list we were looking for.

They are all people who in the last five minutes were most likely online and appreciate content that is similar to the one you have posted. You just have to draw their attention by putting a like on each of their profiles.

Generally, every 100 likes placed at random (without this method) should get you in response 20 new likes and 6 new followers. 

We assure you that these figures could double if you implement this strategy like it should be implemented. Many profiles, when they receive your like, will reciprocate, by not 1, but 5–10, if not 20 likes at once! Unfortunately, there is a limit set by Instagram on how many likes you can post in an hour, which is 300.

We suggest that you do not get close to these figures because if you do, there is a risk of temporary shutdown of the like function.

One hundred likes can be enough to generate a steady rise in the engagement on your page. 

Of course, to produce results, this technique does not need to be applied every hour. Even three or four times a day is just fine! :-)

By involving an increasing number of users that will most probably like every new piece of content that you post, you will skyrocket your engagement and the palatability of your page.

And in this way, you can get 500–1,000 or even more followers in a day, in relation to the commitment that you will make to implement this strategy.

Another tip is to follow even more than 100 accounts in your niche.

This will help you easily discover content that is no more recent than five minutes (it is therefore more likely to generate better results) and the strategy can be applied virtually at any time, without the risk of not being able to find, perhaps, in certain occasions the image that is right for you. 

We reveal the secrets of big users

It's about ranking, guys! You may ask many times why many accounts are able to garner thousands of likes on photos and thousands of followers per day, perhaps without even using hashtags or receiving shoutouts.

It’s a matter of ranking – nothing more!
We'll try to explain what's behind these lines. It is always a hidden secret of all the big accounts!

The Instagram algorithm identifies a page as valuable based on the feedback that it receives from other accounts. Put simply, the content is considered valid if it is appreciated (you can say “likato” :-)) by other users. But not all have the same importance of likes.

Each like has, in fact, a value directly proportional to the appreciation that is received by the person behind the same like. You know, it seems a bit convoluted.

Let me explain better.
Just imagine having to carry out a task for your boss. When can your work be considered very good? Not in all cases, but for the most part, it is when the feedback you receive is all positive – but that isn’t the end of it.

In fact, this is not enough. It depends on the source from which you have received the feedback!

The opinion of a rummy player at the local coffee shop, probably, would be worth much less than that of an authoritative personality in the industry in which you work yourself.
The same applies to Instagram.

Not all the likes received by you have the same worth!

Consequently, the higher the authoritativeness of your account, the higher the level of authority of the accounts that interact with you will be.

Instagram, as mentioned, assigns a rank to each account, as well as to every picture you post. The more this is apparent, the greater your chances of ending up in popular pages and in the “Explore” section and consequently gaining more followers!

That is also why we recommend that you work in a team! It may not work at the beginning when the level of account team authority is low. 

But with each passing month, you will notice the enormous advantages of being supported by real mouths of fire (our accounts which have become increasingly authoritative).

The accounts will feed each other and/or build new pages in a snap!

When your account following grows from 100K to 200K to 500K, you will do just a couple of things here 
and there to grow an account at unimaginable speed, from scratch! Smile 
And if you can work in a network, you can’t even imagine how the velocity of the results can increase 
In this regard, let’s look at a technique that is becoming increasingly popular among the big users of 
Instagram: like-bombing.

It is simply the action of one or more big users to put a like on every photo posted by a particular other user for a specified time period, and you probably know the difference it can make by bringing a handful of likes.

The results are ABSURD!

It is not just a matter of ranking, but also other factors that make this an absolutely unbeatable growth strategy for achievable results, speed and quality.

Let’s see everything in more detail, after a brief introduction, with a small example. :-)

You know the notifications section? It is divided into two distinct sub-sections: 
  • The section “You” 
  • The section “Follow You” (TimeLine)
It’s the latter that interests us!

In the section “Follow You,” in fact, you can keep an eye on all the interactions of your favorite influencers!

That said, let’s go back to the example: just imagine your profile with 500K followers, with many of these snooping in your Timeline.

At the exact moment when you like a photo, many of your followers will be watching the same picture, only to put like and crush the small button that says “follow.” Now imagine this being done continuously, several times a day and with multiple accounts (only if you have a team! Smile).

How do you think a super profile is built on that basis? 

Here’s the answer:
With four or five pages for more than half a million followers it will require just over two days to gain 10K followers by just putting a like on every picture of a totally new page.

And when you create a network now, you build the foundation for something quite powerful in the future. 
Profiles of a certain caliber in any niche can become a real machine of generating likes and followers for other accounts.

The equation is what I know already: Likes + Followers = Money.

Instagram Engagement Explained - KamVona - 08-14-2019

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