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Are hashtags still viable? - speltwithaC - 10-15-2017

I often find there's little to no difference in post engagement when I use hashtags vs. when I don't. I am running a meme account for a project so I'm sticking to the most recommended 'meme' tags. Does anyone else find that hashtags don't make a difference to their engagement?

RE: Are hashtags still viable? - ashpres - 10-15-2017

They totally make a difference. I'm shadowbanned at the moment after my verification incident so I get about 280 likes all from followers. When I'm not I usually get around 400.

RE: Are hashtags still viable? - rosesareread - 10-15-2017

Hashtags are still super important. Assuming you are using hashtags that are relevant, with the "right" amount of posts on them, and you aren't shadowbanned. And you have to have decent quality photos.

Right number of posts depends on your niche. You want them to be popular enough to get regular people looking at them, but not too popular that your post gets buried quickly.

RE: Are hashtags still viable? - Leeshylift - 10-15-2017

If you are using hashtags with over 10k posts the engagement is likely to be null due to the fact your post is immediately buried into no memes land.

Are hashtags still viable - SharonDog - 05-01-2019

That was my experience with the cheaper ones. Im hoping the Pros are still better like they used to be.

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