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How to invest in growth

At this point of the course, we decided to bring in a little mathematics.
Let's analyze how we can invest our money to grow our Instagram page.

Surely, one of the most popular methods is to make a deal with pages that have hundreds to thousands of followers to buy shoutouts.

A shoutout is nothing more than a post that an account with a big following is committed to do for you with a clear call-to-action (in the caption), inviting their community to follow your profile.

The price to pay for this kind of “advertising” varies primarily based on the number of followers that the page has.

Nevertheless, for the same number of followers, not all pages have the same value. And that’s where you come in! You must be able to differentiate between a valuable IG page and one that is not.

Below we present a table that can be used as a reference point the next time you try to make arrangements with a large IG page to purchase one shoutout.

You will be able to judge the value of a page and find the right price that you are willing to pay in order to do good business and avoid annoying disappointments. ;-)

[Image: XPCNI77.png]

But we must stress that every niche has different characteristics.

For instance, you can easily expect a lower average engagement of at least one percentage point in a luxury page than a travel page, and on the other hand, the engagement of a page on cute animals is likely to be on the higher side.

It is therefore important to highlight how the data contained in the table should be properly contextualized in the practical reference.

The return of followers you can expect doesn’t only depend on the number of followers of the page that mentions you or their engagement, but on several factors, including the following:

  1. The time when the page posts a shoutout
  2. The consistency of your page that makes it valuable rather than salesy
  3. The type of call-to-action
  4. The quality of the content you post
On average, one shoutout can feel very effective as it can gain you 7–8 followers on every dollar spent, but the general numbers are lower: 4–6 followers per dollar spent.

Now that you know how to evaluate a page, what price would be reasonable to pay for 1 shoutout, and what can be considered a good return on your investment in terms of earned followers?

Without this proper introduction, do you know how much you have to pay to buy 3,000 fake followers from sites on the web? Five dollars.

Not even a pizza or beer at a bar is that cheap.

And by spending around $150 you can have 100K followers on your profile in less than 24 hours.

But we absolutely do not recommend purchasing this type of followers. Because then, your page will have a ridiculous following but minimum to no engagement, and no company or IG account will cooperate with you.

I encourage you to read the next section to better understand the importance of engagement. And the quality of your followers will determine the opportunities you have to make a good income from your Instagram profile.

In finance, it is called “Garbage In – Garbage Out.” 
If your profile is made of junk, you will take home a bunch of trash!

To emphasize this concept, we ask you to change your perspective for a moment.

Now consider yourself the owner of a great IG page with hundreds of thousands of followers that gives a shoutout to our beautiful travel IG profile, and encourages people to follow the name of our account that appears in the caption of the post, and then inserts a fantastic call-to-action that says “follow” (oh I know, nobody can resist).

And like you, many others do the same.

So in the future everyone else will be ready to follow a profile that has publicized our travel page. However, you do it in a legitimate way, with an active profile and a responsive call-to-action directed towards active followers. YOU are an added value to our page.

The followers coming from shoutouts will increase the value of your page, because active and predisposed audiences interact with any pages you’ve promoted.

So it’s right to focus on this type of strategy to increase your followers!

And it’s among the most effective methods for growing your account by far, if you learn to distinguish which are the accounts from which you should buy followers.

But it is also right to emphasize that not everyone can easily spend certain figures to grow an Instagram page.

For this we would like to suggest a ploy that would certainly help you!

Along the way, we’ve interacted with several owners of important Instagram pages in our niche from all over the globe, from Thailand to North Carolina, from Sweden to Spain. What we can tell you, with absolute certainty, is that any page shoutout will sell for a lower price if you purchase more than one.

All you have to do is find other people like you who are interested in receiving a shoutout from the same page that you’re interested in and engage in “group buying.”

This certainly can help your community. ;-)

When you have reached a good number of followers, you can easily find an account that’s similar to the size of your followers in your niche to do shout 4 shout. It is simply an exchange of shoutouts that will bring dozens of followers to your page, without requiring you to pay anything. This technique, however, is able to bring good results only through accounts of a certain size (at least 20K followers). 


“In today's world there is plenty of technology, entrepreneurs, money and risk capital. One that is in short supply are the big teams.”
—Cit. Daniel Goleman

Exactly the same principle applies on Instagram.

You can achieve great results by working alone, but they can’t be compared to those that you could get by creating a network with other good people who have the same goals.

The benefits are not limited to a simple shout 4 shout, as many might imagine. The possibility to be mentioned by each other to increase the number of followers for everyone, in fact, is neither the only nor the most important way to exploit the strength of the network. If you’re wondering if all these words about collaboration, after hearing them here and on Instagram, are just hot air, then this PDF was written just for you!

After reading it, I bet you won’t be able to  wait to start the search for your new team! 
So… let’s go!

Here are two reasons why you should begin to create your own team now:

Reason #1 – Every day, every member of every team goes through different experiences. It may seem obvious, but the very fact that each person is experiencing totally different growth from our combined efforts brings a wealth of knowledge to our common cause. 

Inevitably everyone, even unintentionally, will interact and create contacts with different users and create totally new situations. 

It is, as can be imagined, not only a growth and learning opportunity, but also the sharing of information, reports or simple experiences.

When you recommend an account to a member of your team, another member may be aware of valuable information and yet could close a good deal with a company or brand. The result of the sharing is what is generally defined as a synergistic effect. The whole system is bigger than the sum of the parts that make it up!

Reason #2 – Instagram has a thousand eyes!

It sounds a lot like the last American spy story. In fact, the agent in question is not 007 secret, but our dear social network of trust!

Each like or comment that we post is drawn from the famous Instagram algorithm to identify the links between the various users.

Whenever we follow a new profile, we have in fact a small window with three suggested users based on their interactions and the subjects covered by it.

It would be a good idea to show up among the recommended users of all of our account’s team members, don’t you think?

The natural consequence would be a mechanism for “sharing followers” – very effective!

Interact with the photos of your team members, and  shout 4 shout with them, after which, sooner or later, your account will be credited as suggested to all those users that will be happy to “follow” any of your teammates!

And if you believe in the benefits they got here, just wait  till you see what a good team and team members are able to do in the Engagement section! ;-)

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