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Thread Contributor: iGuRuPolicy and Limits of Instagram
Total hourly limit follow/unfollow: between 60 and 80. 
I recommend you to keep to 60 to avoid any issues.

Total maximum limit of like: 100-300. 
I always recommend you to keep it to 100 to avoid any issues. 

As for comments, if you want to play it right, don’t post more than 20/30 per hour. 

If you use the techniques explained in this course and follow our advice you will not run into any issues, because despite Instagram changing its limits, your InstaEmpire content will remain below the limit of ban. ;-)

Moreover, if we receive any news that Instagram has made important changes, we believe that all course members should be aware, so we will notify everyone in the Facebook Group Instagram on Fire, so everyone will be updated in real time ;-)

Always remember, Instagram blocks accounts that are suspected of practicing scroll techniques, and we’re not exaggerating at all. 

What to Avoid

We all want to see our accounts grow quickly, but remember this proverb “haste is a bad counselor”? So we recommend you to follow the tips mentioned below to avoid starting on the wrong foot. 

Also because Instagram keeps a strict watch on any suspicious activity on new accounts, try not to get under their radar.

  1. If you have just created a profile, wait AT LEAST one week and post at least 10 content pieces on average BEFORE you begin to implement this strategy
  2. Avoid posting more than a content of less than 5-10 minutes, as the practice is not frowned upon by Instagram.
  3. Avoid the automatic comments with bots because it is the first source of complaints from other users if they think you’re spreading spam. If you just can’t help it, never use the ones that are “present” by the bot (Instagress in this case).

    Try to create your own comments and then test if the profiles you comment on would be okay to receive such comments or would they be frustrated. Change it if it’s the latter.

  4. Keep the Instagress times and the number of follow/unfollow as much human as possible. Don’t define identical and precise times for every day of the week, not always for the same activity
  5. Avoid using the Like/Followers change apps or sites: These systems are known as “token” and offer new users a way to grow their following, but they’re a waste of time in reality.
The mechanism is this:

You put like or follow (depending on the app used), receiving in exchange “tokens” for every action taken, which you can spend to receive likes or follow in return, from others who are doing the same thing.

The basic issue is that the apps offer the chance to “earn” coins using a secondary profile (that you’ve to create specifically) and “spend” to receive followers and likes on your principal profile.

Are you yet to figure out what is actually the problem?

It’s very simple. All that follows and likes you receive will not be from major, but minor profiles, profiles that are INACTIVE on Instagram and that are used by everyone only within this app. So avoid them absolutely!

Avoid services that sell Likes/Followers except in special cases: 
In this case, things are more or less the same, with a subtle difference that you also have to spend money.

As you may know by now, there are many sites from where you can by follower and likes, like SeoClerk.com

If you want a “healthy” and “genuine” account, this is not definitely the way to go. The special case is if you want to use your account to sponsor one of the services or the product as an affiliate. 

There is little engagement, but it would make someone believe that our account is followed by a large number of people.

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