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Thread Contributor: iGuRuInstagram Growth Strategy

Among like, follow and comments, follow is the most reciprocated action. But how do you avoid wasting time and quickly find the right accounts to follow?

(NOTE: For ease of expression, I decided to use the “travel” niche for all the examples you’ll find in this guide. Consequently, I am assuming that you’re trying to grow a new Instagram page that just belongs to the travel niche.)

Let’s start!

If you want to do business on Instagram (or if you want to grow your business page on Instagram), you not only need a solid strategy, but you have to make sure the application of the strategy happens at the right time. 

Who would be interested in achieving 100,000 followers in 3 years?

You want to get them in order of months!

But to achieve these results, you don’t want to be on your cellphone 24 hours, right? 

No, of course not. So let’s test, step by step, what are the logical steps to take until you find the solution to this problem. 

To do this, let’s start with some basic questions: Why users should follow your account rather than another one? What drives them to become faithful followers? 

With a preliminary analysis, we can summarize the three main factors that are related to these questions:

  1. Real interest in the niche of the account the user is viewing 
  2. One of your particular style of photography 
  3. The sheer gratitude/appreciation to return our follow. 
The third is the most simple, human weapon available at your disposal: the gratitude!

It will be like this: you will follow a profile and perhaps even like their posts, and they’ll be proud that someone has noticed their profile, and will reciprocate the follow in return. 

That’s because answering a follow with a follow is the basic behavior of an Instagram user. 

Moving onto the second step:

When you take the action of “reciprocate my follow” as the only weapon to grow your page, you will at some point face a saturation in the growth of your followers, so you will be forced to stop following some accounts to be able to (re)follow new accounts.

So how to ensure that the user we stop following does not stop following us in return?

The answer to this question is to find people who are really interested in the topics covered by your account.

In fact, it is logical that if your IG page consists of content that is relevant to the new followers, they will not stop following you even if you unfollow them.

But where do you find faithful followers who are really interested in your account and are willing to continue the follow even if you don’t follow them anymore?

Imagine you go fishing for trout in the sea. Do you think of going home with something by the evening? Maybe you take some fish, but surely no trout. 

For the trout, you have to look in the right stream of fresh water or lake. In other words, you have to look in the right places. The same is the case for finding faithful followers.

Knowing where to find your “ideal followers” is crucial if you want to grow your account without losing time.

Let’s see a couple of tactics that may be (but are not) effective in finding the followers you need.

The Famous Follow/Unfollow Account Method

The first, most known and used method, is to do a follow/unfollow of a big account. The procedure results in a handful of new followers but has several critical flaws, including:

  1. The short-lived effect (forcing you to look for new accounts always). 
  2. The repeated follow/unfollow of the same account is bad in the eyes of IG. 
  3. Most of the accounts that begin to follow you are not in the target.
The Follow Comments Method

The second method is to follow users who comment on the posts of a big account in your niche. This strategy, though better than the first one, has major flaws, including: 

  1. You are likely to follow accounts with comments that are left by bots, and are therefore spam 
  2. Often in the comments the user tags friends. What does it mean? 
Let’s take an example considering a post from a big user in the travel niche. The post in question is an image of a beautiful beach in the Canary Islands.

Mario (a follower of a big user) wants to show the images to his friend (Andrew, NOT the follower of the big user), and invite him to go along in their journey to that place next year.

So Mario tags Andrea in a comment and Andrea responds in turn with a comment.

What’s the point? No one is sure Andrea is a travel enthusiast and is therefore interested in your beautiful travel page that you want to grow on Instagram. 

Consequently, why waste time in following Him?

Ultimately, if you want to follow him, do it with a real intention, so that he gives an active participation, and makes you raise the engagement. 

If a growth strategy of followers on IG doesn’t account for engagement, you might as well buy a few thousand followers for $ on SEO Clerks or a similar website.

But there’s one and only one valid way. Let’s see what.

The Third Method

The third method highlights a real case study. 
It’s related to the creator of this course (me, who is talking to you) ;-)

Remember I said that the only way to catch the trout fish was to look in the right place?

What if I told you the solution is right at your fingertips, but you never noticed it? 
Want to know how I felt when we realized that the strategy works great?

Complete idiot! 

You must now be wondering what exactly that strategy is. 

Well, it’s so simple, we can describe it in seven words.

Follow the followers of the big account. 

That’s all? Yes, that’s all. 

But if it was so easy to understand how to implement a sound strategy around this concept, wouldn’t everyone be making big numbers on Instagram? 

So actually the answer to this question is a big NO. 

Step-by-step, let’s see what we did once we discovered that the method worked great. 

Every day I searched for a big IG account in the travel niche and began to follow 50/60 of that account’s followers every year. We realized that people were reciprocating. Not all of them, but 15-30% did.

Ahhhh, a sense of gratitude! 

Not only I gained a ton of target followers per day but our engagement began to stabilize and then increase with thee rise in number of followers.

Everyday! Constantly!

I was quite happy because I knew that the reasoning to arrive at this solution wasn’t as simple and straightforward as it looks, but rather a result of an intense collaboration and sharing of knowledge and tools I had. 

Especially with regard to the operational aspect, the practical application of the method involved testing, testing and testing and anything else that helped me find the right strategy without any kind of problem. We know how nice Instagram is with those who try to be clever. 

In fact, I complied with all the IG rules (which limit the immense potential of this strategy), and this forced me to test, re-test and re-test.

To prevent any blocks or account suspension I then rolled up my sleeves and I used to my advantage the limits imposed by the company to outline the path of the same strategy. By doing so I played to our advantage, finding the best method to receive the greatest number of followers ;-)

It is important not to get caught up by the euphoria and do the greedy. Otherwise, Instagram will present you the bill. Stick to the rules, nothing more nothing less.

If you are true to what you learn in the practical part of the course, you will have a peace of mind. 

As already mentioned, I encountered several issues, one of which was the 7500 follower limit.

To overcome this issue, I began to use the many apps that reveal what are the accounts that don’t reciprocate our follow, and I stopped following them. 

In practice, I maintained the number of followers always around the same figure, making the same number of follow and unfollow every time.

(Example: 50 follow of the followers of a large account in your niche, 50 unfollow of the accounts that haven’t reciprocated my follow).

Also, I began to make use of Crowdfire, which greatly simplified the implementation of the strategy.

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