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Thread Contributor: shteruInstagram Engagement Groups Explained
Engagement Groups

If you believe that harnessing the power of like bombing – forcing an account to have hundreds or thousands of followers – manually or by paying someone is the right strategy, you’re wrong. 

So if you are already discouraged, don’t worry, because we always had your back ;-)

There are many other ways to harness the power of Instagram to build a large following. 

Our advice is to get 10/20/30k followers (maximum) using the techniques we’re going to share, and then take action by doing what you will read in this guide ;-)

The method we’re going to share with you is the most effective way to harness the power of like bombing in your business on Instagram if you do not have a budget to invest. 

What do we mean?

Do networking. Nothing could be easier Smile

But let us explain better. 

As in any industry, there are two main factors on which you can base your competitive strategy: the quantity and quality. 

How? Let’s jump in and see it together ;-)

We have now realized that it is much more effective to receive constantly like from a page with 200/500k followers, rather than 40 likes from pages with 10k followers. 

And the consequence in this case is that the focus on quality is much more profitable, as well as expensive, which is normal. 

Accounts with hundreds to thousands of followers charge $1000 to $3000 for the monthly like services. 

The networking generated from the results (we will see in what ways) is not comparable to those of bombing “real” likes, but fortunately neither is the cost of getting started. 

In fact, the quantitative strategy doesn’t require any investment, and in its small fort provides very interesting results. 

Imagine being a part of different groups of 10 to 15 accounts that like each other when any content is posted by any member of the group. 

Do you have any idea of how much this can benefit not only your engagement, but also the growth of your account? 

You already know the answer, but if you have a doubt, the answer is – A LOT!

Here’s how you should move:

  1. Find a dozen accounts that address your niche with a number of followers and likes similar to you. They may be interested in working with you. 

    To do this, you can search for them in the Instagram feed as well as check the followers of your competitors.

    Utilize specific keywords in your niche or use specific hashtags for the purpose. 

    The important thing to consider is that the page shouldn’t be bigger than yours, since then the account would have no interest in collaborating if it’s not working with the same size pages. But do not choose a smaller one too, because then the benefit will be less. 

    Therefore, it is important to make a group with users in the same niche, in order to maximize the benefits of this strategy.Of course, the greater the like average received by each account in the group, the greater will be the effectiveness.

  2. Create a private group. Then send a direct message to members of the group (accounts similar to yours)

  3. Establish rules

    It is very important to be clear at this point. It is not easy to manage groups of 10 or more users and many tend to make their own way.

    To ensure that doesn’t happen, you should clarify rules immediately and make sure all members have understood them.

    If you don’t have the slightest clue about what to write as a “welcome” message, let me give you a brief example which you can just copy and send to the members in your new group: 

  4. Respect the rules and make them comply

    Your role will be to not only make sure everyone abides by the rules, but also to moderate the interactions with various users (if you follow the advice under point 3 carefully, you should have no problems). 
A tip is to always maintain a climate of harmony and stimulate the participation of all members. It is important that the purpose of the group is made clear (exchange like and comments to increase the engagement mutually) and that everyone complies with then group.

As you can see, there are no major requirements, but a decent follower base (reached fairly quickly, especially with the strategies mentioned in this course). 

You can start to organize a group right away!

It also will only last a few thousand followers (5-10k), so start looking for accounts that match with your profile and that you would love to have within your circle.

If you think 5-10k followers are a lot, and you fear it won’t happen, we assure you that you won’t find it difficult after reading this course. It will be a breeze!

The good news is that the more you work to create new groups and collaborate with members, the more you’ll be able to benefit. Additionally, when you develop a reputation, you will gain the ability to access groups of “Superior” levels with a higher following and average like ret. 

This was just another demonstration depicting that with a little touch of intelligence you can generate interesting results without even investing a single Euro. 

Good luck! ;-)

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