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Thread Contributor: Nhat LeInstagram ADs vs Facebook ADS
What do you think are the differences between these platforms?
I feel like if you're trying to market a niche related to fashion I feel like Instagram is better than Facebook. Instagram has a lot of youth and teens who are impulse buyers compare to that of Facebook. Also you can pay big Instagram platforms to do shout outs about your product.

Where on Facebook you are just trying to get it out there with the HUGE audience they provide. Facebook is great with the opportunities they provide us, but I believe marketing on Facebook can be harder for newcomers. Facebook is a big place and will need expertise in marketing to achieve success.

I'm testing my campaigns on Instagram and they are working better for my fashion niche. One shout out usually gets me a good sum followers and sales (Depending on the person you paid for the shout out not all shout outs are successful).

Have you tried any of these, If so what do you prefer better?
Instagram works good for young crowd in an age group of 20-26.

Facebook also works well if you narrow down your target audience properly.
[Image: facebook-users.png]

[Image: instagram-users.png]
I've recently been using Facebook ads to promote my copywriting website. They work quite well for getting your brand noticed. I would recommend you take a course or two online on using Facebook Ads. That will save you money in the long run.
Instagram is pretty clean without much clutter. And it's easy to navigate, unlike Facebook which has a lot of things going on, all at the same time. So your business may be accessible to a smaller audience than on Facebook, but it will be more visible to that audience, which invariably means greater engagement.
This is probably going to be one of the deciding factors for which social media site you choose to put your focus toward.
great, I will probably try out Instagram soon, thanks for pointing out its advantages
Instagram is Great Specially if you have low budget. You can use Micro Influencers between 10k-20k Followers one.

And retarget people on FB using Pixel on your website.
massive! I should have jumped on it sooner. Will be on it shortly for my business
Facebook's advertising is more effective as compared to Instagram ads.
First of all, it depends on the niche and the target group. For products that the image can sell, Instagram is probably a better option. Also, Instagram has more young users, so if they are your target group, then you're definitely more suited to this platform.
Facebook has more diverse user groups, by age and by interest. It is still the most visited social network. If your products do not depend of a good photo, then Facebook may be a better solution for you.

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