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Thread Contributor: kikiyiuHow to grow followers on Pinterest

I have trouble to grow followers on Pinterest. My website is a woman online clothing site and my Facebook followers already reached 50K, Instagram follower reached 20K.But the Pinterest only have 300+ follower. I have tried to promote my Pinterest board on Facebook, putting keywords and description for each board and each pin. Actually, the impression is not bad every day according to the Pinterest analytics. Just the followers grow really slow per day. Only have 1 or 2 followers.

How else can I do to gain more follower?


Pinterest is good source of traffic and you draw quality audience through excellent Pinterest's postings.You can use tools like like4like.com or kingdomlikes.com to enhance the Pinterest followers and enhance your traffic and business.
Aside from tools like Tailwind to monitor your analytics, you can also check and spy on competitors and see what they are posting and other data. You can use PinAlerts for that. Use that acquired knowledge in your next posts. I would also suggest for you to enhance and improve your post that would make it attractive to your audience.


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