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Thread Contributor: mcfc4evaBlocked from messaging on IG
I've been trying to message IG influencers from my new IG business account and only managed to message about 12 in 20 minutes and then I have been banned from messaging any other users.

In fairness I was pasting the same message to each one e.g "hey, what are your rates" etc.

Does this happen often? How long will the ban last and how can I avoid it in future?
You need to stop your actions for now. Instagram will be keeping your profile on a tight leash in the next couple of days. I think the minimum is 3 days. After the ban, use your Instagram account as natural as possible. Don't send out too many messages a day. Sending out those DMs made you a spammer so stop the bulk DMs for now. Don't follow like, comment, post and send a message excessively. Always follow Instagram's guidelines and you won't get banned again.


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