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Thread Contributor: RistoRules and Etiquette
Official Rules of the Forum

  1. No harassment of any kind is allowed. Do not engage in any kind of threatening behavior towards other users. This rule also applies in private messages as well.
  2. No flaming other users.
  3. No posting of infected links/downloads of any kind. Members found doing this will be permanently banned.
  4. No posting of other people's private information. Privacy is highly respected in here.
  5. Do NOT post NSFW content on the forum unless it's clearly stated in the thread/forum that it's allowed.
  6. Multiple accounts are NOT allowed. You should own only one account. The only valid reason to have a second account is if you lost access to your original one and need help getting it back.
  7. No advertising of other websites.
  8. No begging allowed of any kind.
Official Posting Etiquette

  1. Do NOT spam. If you have nothing wise to say, it's better if you don't say anything at all. If you wish to talk with people, join our official Discord server.
  2. Tend to NOT write low quality posts. Posts such as "bump", "thanks", etc.. are treated as low quality posts and you may received warnings for them. Make your post as informative as possible.
  3. Don't post multiple times in a row without a reason. That's kind of what bumping is and it's highly recommended you don't do it unless you have a valid reason.
  4. Post your thread(s) in the right category. If you are unsure about it, contact a staff member and ask for help.
  5. Don't post your thread(s) in multiple categories. We don't allow cross-posting on this forum.
  6. Make sure your thread title is relevant to the content in it. Topics with title such as "Make $9000/week" or "OMFG AMAZING WEBSITE" will be removed.
  7. Always credit other people/websites if you are going to use their work. We are not here to steal other people's work, but respect it.


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