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Thread Contributor: pchampsBot Noob
Hi there,

I have no idea if I'm posting in the right place. I've been looking around the forum and saw more off topic chatter than I did help or support...!

I am super duper new to this bot, and I know some of Gram Dominator, but I am having an issue with instaNT that I don't know how to fix.  Confused

I added an account which needed to be verified, of course, but every time I add a security code, it never moves. So I hit the play button again (because it is not on, it went off when it hit the verification code "wall"), and now it wants to send yet another verification code and thus the process becomes an infinite circle of no fun.

What am I not doing?? I assume there is an easy fix I am overlooking.  Undecided

Thanks for your help!

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