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Thread Contributor: omeeishrakHow To Generate Traffic From Instagram?
How Do I Generate Traffic For My Blog From Instagram? And If You Are Generating Targetted Traffic From Instagram Please Share How You Are Doing it!
• To generate traffic from Instagram you should follow following steps:
  • Add a blog link to your bio
  • Place a call to action on images
  • Use appealing images
  • Use creative videos
  • Use relevant hash tags
  • Create exclusive and unique content
  • Be active and engaging
  • Have a strategy
1-Use the link in your bio effectively
2-Use appealing images
3-Use creative videos
4-Use hashtags
5-Share Exclusive content
6-Be active and engaging
To generate traffic from Instagram you need to do some very specific thing. If you need to traffic for your blog through Instagram then a link with your post as well as with your bio posted. Post those pictures which are related to your blog and attract your followers on your link. Use hashtags with your post , make your profile public from through people easily reach to you.
Generating traffic from Instagram on a blog is a bad idea for me. Since When you have a bog you have too many pages to work with and with Instagram you can only have 1 link so it cannot perform well in my opinion besides if you have products or service then Instagram can really go well.
Hi omeeishrak

There are some point if you follow it properly, it definitely help you to generate traffic from instagram

1: Add a Website Link to Your Bio
2: Place a Call to Action on Images
3: Include a URL in Videos
4: Invest in Instagram Ads
5: Leverage the Reach of Influencers

Hope this help you
include url to your post. Instagram works pretty good for particular niches, so you should definitely go for it.
Instagram, at its core, is a photo-sharing, visual marketing network. So, in order to be successful on Instagram, you have to focus on creating a quality, aesthetic Instagram profile. If you don't have the drive or commitment to make a quality Instagram page, don't bother with half-assed content.
Once you've identified your niche, develop a well-branded, captivating Instagram profile by having a:
  • Recognizable & Searchable Username
  • bio that is personal and encourages action
  • sticking to your content pillars (Behind the scenes content, User generated content, Product demos / showcase, Educational etc etc)
Once you have put in the work into creating a well-branded, high-quality Instagram profile, you want to do everything possible to increase the payoff for all that work. There are several actions you can take to ensure every post receives as much attention and engagement as possible. The higher your engagement rates are, the more likely it is that Instagram’s new algorithm will put your posts at the top of your follower’s feed. You should ensure that you post frequently, post at the right times, and use a post scheduler in order to automate your Instagram and be more efficient.
ONLY WHEN YOUR CONTENT IS GREAAAT is it worth it to pay for automation services and will you generate ample amounts of traffic. If your content sucks, following/ unfollowing, liking/ commenting will not be enough because you aren't giving people a reason to want to follow you. I personally use the instastacked.com business package to automate my instagram, on top of spending the time to make great content. The business package has an automated instagram pod- a like exchange, so when I was first starting out, it guaranteed at least 200 likes per post, so my engagement rates where great from the beginning which helped me grow faster. I have 100k followers in the golf niche after working it for a year, and have replaced my full income and then some. I love instagram marketing because while there may be a greater number of active users on Facebook, it is far easier to grow faster on Instagram and see results
First of all prepare a short description, use high quality images, drop you link and last use relevant hashtags.
Follow some simple tactics, you can generate quality website traffic from Instagram.
*I mentioned the rules below.
*Use the link in your bio effectively. This link should be used to send *Instagram followers to the most ideal location. ...
*Use appealing images. ...
*Use creative videos. ...
*Use hashtags. ...
*Exclusive content. ...
*Be active and engaging. ...
*Have a strategy!
Ok,stay good,and Generate Traffic From Instagram.

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