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Thread Contributor: dj2590Instagram shoutouts?
Is it worth it to buy shoutouts on instagram to promote your services/website... I thought it could be a good strategy to get some subscribers! Any advice about this method? Does anybody do it and does it work?
It depends on the influencer and what you're asking them to promote (health, fitness and nutrition products seem to be the big niche on there). We've tried it before with our own niche, with varying levels of success - one of our promoters put the link in their bio and actively promoted it through DMs; they are killing it and bought in 10k+ last month on their own - that person only has around 20k followers. On the flipside we paid a couple of higher profile influencers with 100k+ followers to promote and while we got around 10 subscriptions we didn't actually get any conversions. So it's very trial and error and can be very time consuming finding profiles that are right for you - even more time consuming trying to get a response if their contact details are limited! But worth it if you can find the right profile/profiles - and it doesn't cost you anything to ask.
If you do, check the account first to see how engaged its followers are.
I have recently started a new group about influencer marketing. We help eachother out to find answers to questions like yours. We call ourselves Influencer Marketing Mastermind Smile
I also need to buy them. But still very unsure if it's worth buying. Googled but still not satisfied.
Try Shoutcard, there's a bunch of people selling shoutouts there.
(10-13-2017, 08:59 PM)littletoot Wrote: Try Shoutcard, there's a bunch of people selling shoutouts there.

Problem with shout card as I can't find any accounts in the make money online niche. And as far as five or goes I don't trust it for all I know they could be fake followers or Bots
You can meet like minded pages to do trades. I find it works well
This is very much like solo ads. Treat it as a business not a quick way to get followings. Go at it like you're buying a new car or house. Think!

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