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Thread Contributor: John AbramyanStrategies for fast Instagram growth?
Instagram is really an excellent social networking site.
I think, following other users and sharing are the two most important issues.
Share more and more, follow your relevant users.
Timing is everything! Post at an ideal time of the day. Your captions need to captivate your followers, allowing them to be inspired by it. You also have to connect with your followers. Ask them questions and reply if they have any comment. This will help you build a relationship with them. Venture out of your feed and look for accounts related to your niche. Like, comment and follow those accounts as well. Instagram growth is not just about building, but also nurturing your followers.
Please focus on a good content. Use good quality images. This will seek attention. Have catchy Titles.
Contact the users with large following and ask them what you can do for them in return of them tagging you in some picture.

Good quality contect will generate large following in the long run.
for the fast growth in instagram..you should have a good content and you should be active in it..try to follow back your followers ...and interact with them..
As a social media amount of instagram users are huge, so here strategies of instagram those can get more traffic on a page, strategies are:

>Use analytic tool and activate your business tool.
>Consistency post can works great.
>Attractive instagram photos can make more visitors.
>Tutorial of any food recipe can works better here.
>Use more hashtags so that audience can find your channel easily.
First, tag your friends of your post
and Write down hashtags in your post like this #insta #instamag
it is a way to get more followers and get more likes on your post
it is a slow process but it is an effective way
Or you can buy followers for instagram
It is a good way to encourage followers to take actions, because in this way, we can aslo get more comments on Instagram posts.

Here are some best strategies for fast Instagram growth.

1. like photos in your niche.
2. create a theme for your photos.
3. socialize.
4. create a hashtag and encourage others to use it, too.
5. run a contest.
6. ask your other followers to follow you on Instagram!
7. encourage followers to take action.
8. geotag your photos.
9. figure out what your audience likes.
10. link your Instagram account to your other networks.
11. approach popular users to collaborate.

Hope this helps you
Try to Grow your Instagram account manually...because using automation tool is faster but it is not a proper way..

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