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Thread Contributor: John AbramyanStrategies for fast Instagram growth?
Maybe it's time to try new hashtags. Make them highly targeted towards your market. It sounds like you may be using more general hashtags.

Another strategy is to actually go through and like posts from your target market and comment on them. Just don't make the comments generic. If you cannot add to the post, don't bother. Make sure you have something more to say than just adding a couple of emojis.

I agree with Ryan, too. FAST isn't the way to go with social media. Organic and long-term is the way to go. You're building a community and your community should be incredibly well targeted or it doesn't matter how many followers you have.

Hope this helps!

Benjamin Ehinger
Do you have a local business? If you have a brick and mortar biz, pair instagram promotions with local incentives.

I've seen local shwarma and kebab shops and burger joints pull this off successfully.

You want LOCAL people who have TRIED your stuff get other LOCALS excited about your stuff.

Localized incentives is the way... Unless you're going to do a LOCATION-based search of IG to do a like bait campaign. This is too time-intensive and too expensive.
If you want to grow faster in Instagram then you can post a good content in your account. and you have to follow many peoples as much as you can..By doing that you can grow faster..

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