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Thread Contributor: John AbramyanStrategies for fast Instagram growth?
Hi, Due to all the Instagram craze, we have been trying to grow our Instagram followers for some time now but have not made a lot of progress. 

Organic growth is almost impossible and we have tried the following:
- Using Hash Tags (which did not result into too many followers, but a lot of likes mostly from non-local people, local hash tags fared worse)
- Following the followers of other businesses (this was good, but eventually Instagram limits how many you can follow, then we used a program to unfollow some and follow again, not something you can do a lot) 

We tried other software out there like Crowd Fire and etc, but they got banned by Instagram. I was wondering, what tool or program can I use to grow our followers that has proven to work for you. Or what strategies. Thank you.
Take out "fast" Jonathan, to remove fear-based drivers, because you only want fast growth for some fear-based reason Smile

Replace with "slow", then Like other updates related to your niche, comment on those updates, make a bunch of buddies on Instagram through this generosity, they do the same for you, and then you will have your slow, steady and ever-increasing growth.

Good things take time.
Don't get fixated on fast, that will sink you. Focus on content that people want to see.
Hi John,

There is a gal on this forum that has some great info on instagram marketing, you'll find her using the search function on top of this page (advanced search).

Search by member post. Her warrior id is: davntt

Click one of the search results and if you need to find her faster use the "Ctrl +F" function (asuming your using chrome), follow her profile and you'll find some great info.

Instagram updated it's algorithm recently and it's killed my reach, which is really annoying. You can try using instagram ads, and ask for shout outs from accounts like your own.
fixated on fast maybe a bad idea. just post good feeds that are eye catchy and what people want to see.
1. Post consistently (at least once a day)
2. Study and load up on quality hashtags
3. Share user generated content
4. Ask users to “tag a friend”
5. Use the right filters
6. Host a photo contest
I've used a combination of Onlypult and FollowLiker for years without issue. Best solution I've found.
Instagram organic growth is still good. Why not require users to use a tag YOU SPECIFY on their post in order to receive a shoutout or get an incentive from your page?

you have to know how to attract users. i may have to do a video on this method.

we have used this technique to grow a fresh page to 12k followers organically..hashtag has been used over 30k times.. CPA commissions steady..highly engaged.
It is not impossible it just take some time and a lot of effort including strategies. Learn from top Instagram business accounts. Analyze how do you think they got a huge following. Continue what you are doing and most especially experiment on your strategies, you'll get it somehow.

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