s Growing Instagram is way too difficult.

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Thread Contributor: MoneyMangGrowing Instagram is way too difficult.
I have tried literally tons of methods. Even bought a dumb eBook from Warrior Plus that turned out just cause me to lose more money. All blogs and articles say the same thing to grow an instagram account. Any other methods that work?
-creating an attractive profile, its not enough, you need good exposing
once you have a great exposing method and attractive profile, people will follow you.
-post daily, its very depends wich niche you related to, if you just uploads
selfies everyday, thats just not interesting so its make your profile not
attractive so much.. (unless youre a super model)
post daily drawings? thats a freaking hard job to be done. 
-use relevant/effective hashtags... is there even such a thing "effective" hashtags with so many different niches on ig... if so can u give a exemple for a few?
-follow regulary and so on...yea if you want a sloppy profile with 
500followers and 4000 following random people, thats just dont looks good, im pretty sure ig users prefer more followers then following random users.

Here some Real advice to grow your instagram traffic
dont focus on gettin followers/likes, you gota start focus 
on drive traffic to your page in any possibly way
facebook, youtube, deviantart(good for art pages) and so on 
depends whats your niche, example for my traffic statistics
you exspose your page around the internet (social media,forums etc)
you get exposed to 10k people,1k people will click and visit your page
100people will like/follow your page (if hes good enough of course and proper quality to your niche) hope i helped
wish you good luck
Quality material, consistency, engaging the users. I think the two biggest misstakes people make is to expect growth over night or making money right away. I have one rule; in any business you start, don't expect earnings in the first 6 months. That doesn't mean that you won't make anything in the first 6 months but you should expect operating at a loss in the first half year.
What methods are you currently using ?
automation works great for me, still takes a little time but now I have several accounts with 10k+ followers and many more accounts with lots of followers but you can also just pay for ads thats easy enough

Do you want to be popular on Instagram? Well, who doesn’t…

Here’s how you grow your Instagram following:

Step #1: Have a good Instagram profile image. Ideally, something that looks professional. Instagram is a “visual” social network. So make sure your profile photo looks good.

And having a profile image isn’t enough. You need to have a thorough bio that includes your name, a description of what you do, and the main benefit people will get from following you (Ex: Top 10 marketer in the world by Forbes, I teach people how to grow their traffic).

Step #2: Create amazing, beautiful images. No matter what kind of marketing gimmicks you run, it won’t work unless you focus on beautiful images. If you aren’t sure on what kind of beautiful images to upload, do a search for hashtags within your space and you’ll see what has done well in the past. Replicate that.

Step #3: Post on a consistent basis. Instead of posting once a week, post once to twice a day. This will cause fewer likes per photo, but it will grow your follower count faster. Consider testing the times 10 am and 6 pm as they tend to do well.

When posting make sure you include a long description of the photo. This will cause your photo to be seen more when people use the search feature.

And make sure you include hashtags when posting each photo. Around 10 is a good start. Again this will help your photo be found when users do searches.

Step #4: Follow 30 people per hour. You can technically follow more but you don’t want to hit Instagram’s spam filters. When you follow people, make sure they are ones you are interested in and they are in your space.

This will help increase your follower count and cause more comments. And when people leave a comment, engage and respond back because it will cause your followers to become loyal.

When you have a loyal following you can post images such as “tag a friend whom you would like to go to this destination with”… by doing this you’ll notice that your follower count will also grow.

And that’s how you grow your Instagram following.
too hard lol ask the concrete guys about hard work if this shit is too hard just give up nobody would hire you why would you hire yourself with that kind of work ethic lol stop reading blogs and do the work
Make use of effective hashtags. Use catchy images.
In the beginning post very frequently say.. every alternate days.
Post your links on other social media platforms as well

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