s Where do people find GREAT Instagram content for multiple accounts!?

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Thread Contributor: xhawwiWhere do people find GREAT Instagram content for multiple accounts!?
Hi there, as you can tell I'm very new into the whole idea of having multiple Instagram accounts and growing them simultaneously. 

i was wondering Is it as simple as googling there niche and taking photos from google to upload or is there more in depth routes people go down. 

Where do people with such a large catalogue of Instagram account find all there content?

Apologies if i sound very plain here, any replies welcome Smile
Hi there, you can find an awesome content as per your Need on Fiverr at very cheap rate, there is plenty of sellers who can create content as per your niche as well they can also provide service for managing your Instagram account
I had used many times, let me know if you want suggestion for a service, i can recommend that.
Heya xhawwi! and welcome to the SMM Nova Forum! Smile

It really depends on your niche. Who are you trying to attract and what audience/s are you trying to target with the multiple instagram accounts?

Here's a quick how-to for you:

- Grab free images from unsplash.com
- Grab free motivational quotes from brainyquote.com
- prep content with relevant hashtags
- create a solid plan to post hourly/daily etc... (this is really loose, don't restrict yourself with waiting for good content to upload).
- (optional): use an instagram scheduler (but don't use auto-follow / unfollow tools, instagram is really focused lately on squashing out these kinds of tools).

... that's about it as content creation is concerned.
Hey Xhawwi, you can find free images according to your niche on the internet. There are many sites you can look at and grab free images.
there is a good social network called pinterest where you may find enormous quantity of good photos for free. Or you may use some photo stocks..
you can take photos from google and customize according to your account and use it...
Great questions!

I would definitely stay away from taking images from google, just not worth the risk

No need to apologize! Glad you're asking questions, better to ask than to wonder Smile

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