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Thread Contributor: gabbian0High followers, Low engagement
Hi, i know this topic could be old already, but i want add some new data to this issue. After 5 years of hard work now i have 21k+ followers. When i had 10k my likes average was around 1000 (about 10%), most of them were coming in the first hours after posting. My posting style has always remained same. Now my average likes are around 100 and i need a full day to get that. I know, new instagram algorithm and so on, but then why i see people with 2k followers getting 300 likes per pic? And i'm not talking about different pics, but SAME pics (not similar, but SAME, i'm a photographer and my pic go both on my feed and model feed). For a period, i tried to sign as business so i could access INSIGHTS and see what's happening. Well, after 1 day of posting, my pic was SHOWED ON 5% of my total followers (around 1000). It means that i don't get likes anymore not because people doesn't like my pictures, but because they ARE NOT EVEN GETTING showed to my followers. I'm not shadow-banned cause i can see my pictures on my hashtags, but even if that was, i don't ask to be SEEN by external people, but just my followers! Is it possible that Instagram is performing a kind of "level-up", by showing more people with less followers instead of people with a big audience? Why 20k people that are following me can't see my post on their wall? This is really getting annoying cause i'm doing everything right but i feel like someone put a weight on my ankles. Any clue?

Ps.: please don't answer things like "you have to pay to get engagement" (not true) or "use hashtags properly" (not true) or "be more active" (not true)
I had this same issue for the last month and tried fixing it on my own... I seriously think everyones engagement is suffereing drastically on Insta. I never quite fixed the problem so I hired an agency to help because it was really hurting my business. I used Relaxed Social, and they helped me gain not just followers, but way better engagement rates. I went from around 50+ likes per post to 130-160 per post now.
The algorithm change messed with the old way of getting likes, comments, and followers. Activity matters.

Also you say that you have been working at this over the last 5 years. A lot of people have dropped off that signed up back then. They didn't cancel their account, just stopped using them.

Looking at socialblade I can see you started using a service on Aug 1st to do follow/unfollow. I have a feeling that people are getting penalized for doing that tactic. You have gained 4k followers in 2 months but at what cost? Seems like you have actually found that out.
Use hashtags man. If you don't want to put them in the post itself, just add a comment to your own post with all of the relevant hashtags. It definitely helps
I deal with the same thing, I go back to posts of mine from over a year ago when I only had about 10-15k followers and was hitting 900+ likes and 100+ comments per post.. now i'm at 44k and get around 300+ likes depending on the content. It's very frustrating!
Lol my engagement rate has gone to shit too, and my pictures only reach like 1.2k to 1.8k on average when I have 10k followers. I only get around 300-350 likes per photo when I used to get like 450-600 per photo.

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