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Thread Contributor: SnivInstagram Strategy
8 Strategies to Increase Sales With Instagram:
When looking through your personal profile on Instagram, there are a few things you will have to consider from a business perspective.
1. Your profile on Instagram:

Use company name.
Include URL ..
Describe the business line.
Avoid using your personal image.
Also consider using the keywords for your profile to optimize with the search engines and keep them always associated with your data.
2. Pictures:
Instagram is a social networking photo sharing site, so it is important that you are using your best possible image as you grow your business through Instagram.
3. Video:
Use an application to record video.
Apply filter.
Post-season video.
You should also use trend hashtags to dig into a larger object however do not use more than 30 hashtags per image.
5. Mention:
@username refers to other (tags).
Refers to your employees who have used Instagram.
Show appreciation to customers.
6. Innovation:
Try starting a poll on Instagram for comments as well as organizing contests, gifts and sharing of meaningful and relevant prices.
7. Management:
Use Instagram for full functionality.
Comment and like about other pictures.
Use the search function to find users to follow
8. Integration:
By combining, I mean adding the "follow" button to another profile, adding the Instagram name to the marketing material and promotion on all other networks.
Follow 100 other accounts in your niche a day - like and comment on their photos
Post 1-3 times a day
Use relevant hashtags
1. make your post unique, creative and ironic
2. Use relevant hashtags. You can use around 30 hashtags in every post.
3. Use bio link to drive traffic to your post

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