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Thread Contributor: missmysteryScaling Instagram Conversions
Hi everyone, 

I have a trickle of sales from free traffic to Instagram, but am wondering how to scale this. Would you outsorce someone to manage new IG accounts? OR use instagram/facebook advertising?

Any tips or hints would be appreciated.
Attracting the right customers is clearly a challenge for all marketers. However, for those managing large-scale lead generation campaigns, advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be a highly effective solution.

Each of the three platforms offers advertisers a powerful tool set for not only generating more leads, but for finding the best leads.
one thing I know that has really helped me is consistency. Never missing a post is so important.

This is especially true on Instagram. The more consistent you can be the better. Also, how are you finding your audience currently?
I would not search for other people i would try myself to grow my base build another acount etc .It can be more work but i dont paying other people for the things i can do myself
You can scale further by using automation tools and growing more niche Instagram accounts.

Essentially, you will be getting more and more free traffic if you use the same landing page across a few Instagram niche accounts.

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