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Thread Contributor: Fantasy CloudYoutube Questions
Okay so Anyone do youtube on here? My question is that should I put amazon affiliate links on my youtube vids? Is this going to make it rank lower? I heard youtube doesnt like affiliate links and you won't rank higher if u dont put in the amazon links? Like I just link to my website and the website will have the affiliate links. What do you guys think?
I always link to my blog. For both funnel building purposes and because when I linked to anything other than my blog in the past, YouTube wasn't too keen on that. Go with the blog, then link to Amazon Associates stuff via embeds and short links on your blog. Works A-OK for me.

If Youtube thinks that your videos are an end point for user's sessions, they *might not* promote your videos as much as another video that doesn't send users away.

I don't have any data to support that, it's just what I've been told by a high profile youtuber.

Test things out and see what performs best for you.
If anything link to a landing page. Don’t just direct link to an affiliate link.
Yes what @fermark17 said.


Make sure that you are giving people value and enough of it.

I know some guys who have links to their own lead capture pages and to even blog posts but they deliver a ton of value First.

And you tube still gives them a ton of traffic in spite of their off you tube links and call to actions.

The more value that you give while remaining consistent...the more views and subscribers you will get.

And if your landing page and offer is a match, this can mean a lot of leads and sales over the long run.
I think that putting links should link to your site, and have a good Seo analysis then you are new to the top.
try to test many things then start finding your suitable one..
Amazon would not allow doing a direct linking unless that channel is approved. They also don’t allow you to mask the Amazon links ... so, per my knowledge, the only choice left out is to send your visitors to your blog.
As long as you have good viewership, you should be able to get good rankings (of course along with other factors like, authority, keywords, tags, titles, etc.,)
Yes it's fine to put affiliate links on YouTube video description until and unless you first intimate the YouTube that it's a affiliate link and your video contains an paid product. Make sure that you have checked as a paid product before uploading your video
So I just made a YouTube,and I thought for my first video I could do a getting to know me thing,where I will answer questions about myself and stuff,so obviously I need some questions to answer duhhh

It can be about anything,from hobbies,to dreads,to WHATEVER you think of.

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